Cue your form

When running, our attention often shifts to our running form and technique.  This may be to improve our pace, to increase effort, or cope with an imposed increase in effort (e.g., hills, competitors).  When trying to influence our technique, it may feel logical to focus on specific running movements (“I must flex my knees”). 


Counter-intuitively, by focusing on these leg movements we can actually decrease our running economy.  This is becasue actively trying to control otherwise automatic movement coordination breaks movement down.  These processes need to be left to organise our movements, but what can we think about to help this? 


To avoid this negative impact on our movement efficiency, we can focus our attention on movement outcomes using cues. 


A cue is a simple movement related thought to focus on while running.  Which cues work for you will depend on your own preferences, and typical aspects of form you look to influence. 


Analogies are also useful, and help us capture the nature of movement and form without overthinking it.  Remember, periodically checking form can help maintain performance, but continuous monitoring of form can also be detrimental.

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